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We create value for you through Human Resource optimisation

With over 20 years of experience, we swiftly and efficiently manage and optimise our clients’ labour and human resources

About Us

Having a passion for people, Adv. Anton Boswel founded Anton Boswel & Associates with the aim to maximise employee and client satisfaction via the optimisation of labour and Human Resources of organisations. We have honed our skills and expertise over 20 years and use this to swiftly and effectively meet your needs and expectations.



We create value for our clients in the following areas.


Human Resource Management

We optimise your Human Resource capital so that you can optimise your organisation.

At AB&A we cost effectively and efficiently take over the Human Resource management of our clients by incorporating the valuable experience and skills of our team to enhance the Human Resource capital of your organization. This also frees up resources of your organization to refocus where needed.


Labour Dispute Resolution

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed expertise in swift dispute resolution.

Our Labour specialists have prevented and resolved countless labour disputes with unions and workers’ organisations since the inception of AB&A. This enables us to identify, analyse and resolve the issues at hand for our clients and prevent or minimise any downtime or lost revenue.


CCMA Representation

Our team has succesfully represented numerous CCMA cases.

Our representatives have successfully represented our clients at the CCMA countless times and so have gained valuable experience to resolve cases as quickly and effectively as possible to prevent lengthy and costly legal proceedings.


Labour Law Compliance

Our in-house and extensive network of Labour Law experts ensures satisfaction and peace of mind for our clients.

Our labour and Human Resource specialists will ensure that your organization complies with the latest labour laws and codes to prevent legal action taken against your organization and so retain valuable resources to be utilised for your core business.



Our clients can attest to our effective and efficient methods of conflict resolution honed over two decades.

Our Human Resource and labour specialists have honed their conflict resolution knowledge and skills over our 20+ years of enhancing HR for our clients and so are able to resolve HR conflicts before any costly escalation to CCMA or labour court level.


Organisational Restructuring

Our team will analyse and restructure your organisation to increase employee and client satisfaction.

Our Human Resource and labour specialists are experts at evaluating and restructuring organisations to maximise efficiency and eliminate excess HR costs.

More Practice Areas

Our experts have accumulated valuable experience and knowledge over two decades,  which we have condensed into courses and presentations to inform and train your staff in Human Resource as well as Labour Law codes. From Health and Safety to more advanced legal concepts, we ensure that your staff will be aware of the legal and Human Resource legislation governing your industry.

Our HR and labour specialists have the skills and knowledge to analyse and advice you on your organisational needs and shortfalls regarding Human Resource and Industrial Relations and make cost-effective and efficient recommendations on maximising your Human Resource capital.

Over the many years of consulting and enhancing our clients’ HR, we have identified the most valuable soft skills for employees to prevent conflict and enhance internal and external synergy for your ogranisation.

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Core Team

Theo Van Zijl

H.R Manager


Leandi Labuschagne

Labour Specialist


Jaqci Gouws

Office Manager


Adv. Paul Mavanyisi

H.R Specialist


Adv. Brandon Roode

Consulting Advocate

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Theo Van Zyl

H.R Manager


Leandi Labuschagne

Labour Specialist


Jaqci Gouws

Office Manager


David Boswel

Marketing and I.T


Adv. Brandon Lee

Consulting Advocate

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Fantastic! Anton Boswel & Associates has an excellent understanding of the labour law and can advise on all relevant matters of the labour law.
Christa von Reiche
Anton Boswel & Associates are Experts in labour law and relating matters.
Danie Kotze
Anton Boswel & Associates is serious about good customer service.
Pieter Kern

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